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Palacký University

Summer School of Slavonic Languages

Central Europe: Traditions, Crossroads and Challenges

Tailored Semester Abroad Program
Faculty of Arts
Duration: 12 weeks (March-May)
Credits: 30 ECTS
Program Overview

Since the 1990s Palacký University in Olomouc has been hosting more than twenty students from the University of Nebraska each year. The goal of the program is to provide the students with an intensive interdisciplinary insight into European history, culture and society and to expose and engage them in on-site research projects.
The curriculum was designed to provide a unique academic experience: covering key topics of Western Civilizations, the Holocaust, Central European history, and present day challenges. It also provides abundant opportunities of cultural immersion through a Czech language courses and extracurricular activities including many academic excursions. Students are also integrated into the campus through numerous events, walking trips, and fun activities like film screenings organized by the university's joint collaboration with ISHA Olomouc (The International Students of History Association). A free week in the middle of the semester enables student to make individual trips and explore other European countries.
Learning Outcomes
At the beginning of the program, students participate in an intensive three-day introduction to Czech culture as well as the orientation at the university and the city of Olomouc. Czech Language Course - Students will acquire basic knowledge of the Czech language and be submerged in the culture (e.g. folklore dancing evening). Session I: Western Civilization and the Holocaust - Students will gain a deeper understanding of the key topics of European history and culture. Session II: Central Europe in Context - Students will gain an interdisciplinary perspective of CE society and cultures. 18 speakers with various backgrounds will offer the lectures on history, art, media studies, political studies, sociology, environmental studies, and economics.
All field trips are academically interlinked with in-class sessions and are designed to provide better understanding of the discussed issues. The program lecturers guide all of the following trips: Prague and Dresden (4 days), Vienna and Venice (5 days), Krakow and Auschwitz (3 days), South Bohemia (5 days), short trips to Bouzov Castle, Kroměříž, Rožnov Open Air Museum.
Scholarship Opportunities: Successful graduates of the program are eligible for a waiver at Euroculture Erasmus-Mundus MA program at Palacký University (
Contact: Jan Stejskal, Ph.D., Academic Coordinator (e-mail:
Martin Elbel, Ph.D., Academic Coordinator (e-mail:

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