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Palacký University

Research projects

Palacký University in Olomouc is involved in a number of research projects - global long-term programmes, monolithic in theme, of research and development. The results of the projects promote research and development activities at the faculties and give research teams long-term perspectives and stability for their work.


Main research topics at faculties of Palacký University

Sts. Cyril and Methodius Faculty of Theology

  • History and Interpretation of the Bible
  • Social Determinants of Health Among Social and Health Disadvantaged Groups of Population
  • Renewal of the Covenant and the New Covenant—Study and Interpretation of the Key Biblical Texts under the Canonical Approach
  • Law and Freedom: Research on Key Themes of Biblical Theology
  • Trinity and Theological Anthropology
  • The History of Czech Trinitology, Pneumatology, and Fundamental Theology 1800–2008
  • Continuity and Discontinuity of Eastern Orthodox Christian Traditions
  • The Phenomenon Vatican

For more visit the faculty website.

Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry

  • Molecular aspects of the formation, diagnosis, and treatment of tumours
  • Study of allergies and immune-pathological processes with an inflammatory factor
  • Experimental pharmacology of natural and synthetic agents with cyto-protective, antiphlogistic and cytostatic effects
  • Development of the Medical Faculty Transplant Programme
  • Molecular disorders of saccharide and lipid metabolisms in formation, development and treatment of cardiovascular diseases
  • Pre-conception and prenatal prevention of inborn developmental defects and hereditary diseases and their intra-uterine and postnatal medical solutions. Reducing the risks of multiple pregnancy in the IVF, ET Programme. Ethical, psychological and legal aspects of these states.

For more visit the faculty website.

Philosophical Faculty

  • Moravia and the World Man and Society
  • Man, Culture and Media
  • The Legacy of Classical Antiquity in the Middle Ages and the Renaissance
  • Urban History - Historical Book Funds
  • Linguistics
  • Languages and Literatures of America, Asia, and Australia

For more visit the faculty website.

Faculty of Science

  • Ornithology
  • Molecular Phylogeny 
  • Non-classical states of light and optical methods for tomographic reconstruction
  • Quantum Optics and Quantum Informatics
  • Analysis of Biomacromolecular Channels
  • Nanomaterials Methods of Chemical Analysis    
  • Bioinorganic Chemistry
  • Methods of relational data analysis    
  • Hyperfractals Quantum structures and multiple-valued logic structures
  • Atlas Cartography

For more visit the faculty website.

Faculty of Education

  • Special Education
  • Natural and Technical Sciences in the Educational Context— Biology, Anthropology and Health Sciences, Technology and Information Technology, Mathematics
  • Language Education—Czech, English and German Languages    
  • Arts in Education—Music and Art Education and Theory
  • Pedagogical, Pre-Primary Pedagogical and Primary Pedagogical Education and Social Sciences Research

For more visit the faculty website.

Faculty of Physical Culture

  • Physical Activity and Inactivity of Inhabitants of the Czech Republic in the Context of Behavioural Changes
  • IPEN: International Study of Built Environment, Physical Activity, and Obesity
  • HBSC study (Health Behavior in School-aged Children: WHO Collaborative Cross-National study)
  • Application of Digital Technologies for Design, Manufacturing and Assessment of Custom-Made Orthotic and Prosthetic Devices
  • Identification of the Factors of Progression of Motor skills in Adolescents with Developmental Coordination Disorders

For more visit the faculty website.

Faculty of Law

  • Globalization of Law and its Impact on Czech Law
  • Current Problems of Czech Law in Modern Society
  • Current Issues of Czech Public Administration Modernisation
  • Czech National Interests and Procedural Decision Making in the European Union

For more visit the faculty website.

Faculty of Health Sciences

  • Evidence-Based Practise in Paramedical Fields
  • Multidisciplinary Teams in Health Care
  • Limits on Lifestyle Resulting from Chronic Diseases
  • Reproductive Health
  • International Classification in Nursing and Midwifery
  • Therapeutic Rehabilitation and Physiotherapy
  • Management in Paramedical Professions
  • Health and Social Care Systems for the Elderly

For more visit the faculty website.


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