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Palacký University

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Transportation in Olomouc

Olomouc has quite a good transportation network. Trams and buses more or less follow the schedules (displayed at the stops or available in the "Dopravní podnik" office at Národních Hrdinů square). The fare is 14 Kč, tickets are available at newsagent's, news-stands and some shops. You can buy a ticket from the driver on the bus or tram, but it will be more expensive (20 Kč). The tickets are valid for 40 minutes after stamping in a machine next to the door in the bus or tram and you can change the tram or bus within the time limit.

Or you can get a monthly or quarterly pass, valid both for trams and buses. To obtain the pass, you need a passport size photo and a written proof of student status issued by the International Liaison Office (to get a substantial discount). Passes are purchased in the "Dopravní podnik" office. A monthly pass is 350 Kč (175 Kč for students), a quarterly is 900 Kč (450 Kč for students). These numbers are subject to change. Should you be found on a tram or bus without a valid ticket, you will be fined 700 Kč (immediate payment) or 1 000 Kč (later payment). Be aware that inspections are quite frequent.

Getting to Olomouc and to Palacký University

Olomouc is easily accessible by train from Prague (about 3 hours, trains run almost every hour), from Vienna (3-4 hours, but not very frequent). For travel information please check the electronic timetable via the Internet: or   (both pages are available in an English version)

After arrival in Olomouc, students should report to the hall of residence. Almost all halls of residence are located in two main areas called ENVELOPA and NEŘEDÍN. To get to the Envelopa campus from the train station, students should take tram no. 2, 4 or 6 (towards the centre) and get off on the second stop. The halls of residence are situated about 3-min walk along 17. listopadu street. Individual halls of residence are clearly marked. To get to the Neředín campus, where most of international students are accommodated, students should take tram no.2 or 7 and get off on the terminus.

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