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Palacký University


General registration procedures

Students interested in studying at Palacký University should request application materials directly from respective Faculties at Palacký University.

The main language of instruction at Palacký University is Czech, even if there are some courses and programmes designed for English speaking students. Foreign students willing to learn Czech language are encouraged to enrol in one of the Czech for Foreigners Courses organised by the Faculty of Arts, its Centre for Distance Learning. Those who would like to learn something about the Czech culture and way of life, language, history, and country in general, can apply for the Summer School of Slavic Studies which usually takes place in August and its participants appreciate the high-level study program combined with rich and interesting cultural experience.

When you decide to enrol in the university, address your application form to the appropriate Palacký University faculty, its study department. Prospective students are also encouraged to contact the department of their choice in order to negotiate their plans in advance. Keep in mind to check the language of instruction. In any case prospective students can ask the International Relation Office or a faculty coordinator for general information and advice.

Erasmus Students

Students will not be considered for an Erasmus Student Mobility at Palacký University unless a bilateral agreement has been signed and agreed by Palacký University and the partner institution. Bilateral agreements limit the number of students to be exchanged between PU and its partners.

Nominated students need to contact their home institution LLP - Erasmus coordinator or PU International Relations Office site to obtain application materials. All application documents (application form, learning agreement, housing request form) must be sent to Palacký University, International Relations Office, LLP - Erasmus Coordinator and must be accompanied by a cover letter from the home institution. Students who are not currently studying in English language are required to send a certificate of English language proficiency (the basic required European level is B2, any exam corresponding with this level is acceptable).

Should you need an assistance with your study plan (Learning Agreement) get in touch with an Erasmus departmental coordinator at an appropriate Palacký University department or consult the Course Catalogue.


Deadlines for submitting applications:
Applications for winter semesters and whole academic year: May 31
Applications for summer semester:  October 31

Originals of application materials should be sent to:
Palacký University – International Relations Office
Křížkovského 8
771 47 Olomouc, Czech Republic

Linguistic Requirements

Prior to their arrival all Erasmus students should be competent to communicate in English and are required to possess sufficient language skills to attend lectures instructed in English or in any other foreign language of instruction according to the choice of courses. Intensive foreign language courses are not currently available for Erasmus students at PU.  Erasmus students can take Czech as a Foreign Language as part of their study programme.

General arrangements for the recognition of prior learning

Courses or part of study completed at a different PU Faculty or University in the Czech Republic or abroad can be recognized by the dean of the Faculty upon submission of proof of successful completion of programme or courses. Previous recommendation of the relevant department is necessary. (Art. 17 of the Study and Examination Regulations).

There are no arrangements for recognition of previous informal and non-formal learning.

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