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Palacký University


Palacký University is conceived as a “research” university. Science, research, their support and development are among its priorities. The departments and their teams have top-level technology available, which may be also used by students working on their own research projects. In recent years, on the outskirts of the town, new university projects have originated. The impact of the research centres goes beyond the borders of the region: modern facilities in the laboratories and the opportunities for research have attracted foreign as well as domestic scientists. In 2011 three fundamental projects were launched:

Under the BIOMEDREG project, a new Institute for Molecular and Translational Medicine was established, a technological infrastructure and platform for basic and translational biomedical research with molecular orientation. The scientists will focus on the examination of the molecular substance of tumors and infectious diseases. The C. R. Haná Project is based on application of advanced vegetative biotechnologies by the companies in the region, and on an increase in quality of the research capacity of the region in the areas of biotechnology and agriculture, and with application of data from vegetative biotechnologies. The Regional Centre for Advanced Technologies and Materials has its seat in the Holice university compound. The Centre is interlinked with research departments of the university, supports the establishing of new companies with sophisticated technologies and experts in applied research in physics, optics and chemistry, orientated toward nanotechnology.

The Olomouc alma mater has confirmed its reputation of being a major centre of research in the country by the activity of its Park of Science and Technology, a link between the University and business. It stimulates transformation of the findings in science and technology into commercial purposes. It has created conditions for the establishment and further development of companies with scientific and technological orientation. It also offers its service to students, who can consult their own business projects there. Part of the Park of Science and Technology is the Business Incubator, hinterland for new companies with an innovative potential.

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