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Palacký University
06-30-2016, 10:30, Age: 6 y.

UP Faculty of Law Journal Included in Renowned Database

By: Eva Hrudníková

Acta Iuridica Olomucensia has been published by the UP Faculty of Law since the 2005/2006 academic year.

Acta Iuridica Olomucensia, published by the Faculty of Law at Palacký University Olomouc, celebrates an important academic achievement. After meeting all required criteria, it was included in the list of the world’s transdisciplinary database ERIH Plus (European Reference Index for the Humanities).

This international database allows indexed searching in scientific journals specialising in the humanities and social sciences and at the same time it provides essential information on all listed journals. Acta Iuridica Olomucensia is catalogued in the areas of law, political science, and international relations. “The inclusion of our journal into this prestigious list is a significant shift after ten years of our faculty journal’s existence,” said Blanka Vítová, the UP Faculty of Law Vice-Dean for Science and Research.

Apart from being listed in the global database ERIH Plus, Acta Iuridica Olomucensia may also pride themselves with another novelty that will increase the appeal of being published therein. “All journal issues will be published in the legal information system Codexis. Every article published in our Acta can thus be easily searched by the broad legal public,” added the journal’s new editor-in-chief, Petr Podrazil.

Acta Iuridica Olomucensia is a scholarly peer-reviewed legal journal issued by the UP Faculty of Law since the 2005/2006 academic year. It is now published thrice a year, with articles in Czech, Slovak, and English. The journal’s mission is to contribute to the deepening of professional discourse in the field of legal theory and offer solutions to all problematic issues arising from legal practice. Acta is a multidisciplinary journal covering issues of all legal disciplines and problems of all legal professions. The journal’s website is

Apart from the above-mentioned journal, the UP Faculty of Law has also issued the journal International and Comparative Law Review since 2001, specialising in international and European law – see

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