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Palacký University
06-04-2015, 06:35, Age: 7 y.

Statement of the Academic Authorities of the Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry, Palacký University on the Incident on the Upper Square in Olomouc

Photo: Blanka Martinovská

Academic authorities of the Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry express deep regret over the incident which took place on May 29, 2015, on the Upper Square in Olomouc.

Academic authorities of the Faculty, represented by the Dean, the Vice-Dean for International Relations and the English Curriculum, and the Chairperson of the Faculty Academic Senate summoned the foreign student who was involved in the incident to provide an explanation. The student expressed his sincere regrets and apologised for his behaviour. His written apology and explanation is presented below.

The affair will be dealt with internally at the Faculty, according to legislations in force and in concordance with the verdicts of the Czech Police, who are investigating the incident.

Olomouc, June 6, 2015


From the letter of the student involved in the incident:

Firstly I’d like to issue an apology to the petitioners. I fully understand and respect people’s rights when it comes to free political thought and peaceful demonstrations. Millions of soldiers gave up their lives for us to be able to enjoy and live by these values today throughout Europe. I should have not reacted in the manner I did and I regret if I caused distress to anybody.

I understand that a lot is written about Islam in the media. Sadly, there are a minority of people carrying out heinous acts in the name of Islam, which has resulted in the unfair characterisation of the vast majority of Muslims, who are peaceful and law-abiding, as terrorists and aggressors. Islam strictly prohibits murder and aggression – harmony forms the very foundation of Islam and these are the values the bulk of Muslims seek to uphold.

I’d like to once again state how much I’ve enjoyed my time in the Czech Republic. This is the first time I’ve been a target of any unruly behaviour, which is what made it particularly disconcerting. Before deciding to study here, I spoke to numerous current and former students, all of whom are Muslim, and all whom gave high praise to the university and the Czech Republic as a country. I had no doubts I would enjoy studying here. The people have been warm and cordial, from Czech students to shopkeepers and the general public. I understand that I am a guest in your lovely country and so once more I’d like to profusely apologise to anyone who was upset by my actions. That was sincerely not my intention.

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