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Palacký University
06-16-2016, 09:48, Age: 6 y.

International Ranking Confirms UP Leading in Academic Publications

By: Martina Šaradínová

Thanks to the outstanding performance of its scientists and academics, UP has succeeded in another international ranking. Illustration photo: Viktor Čáp

Outstanding publications and active cooperation with international researchers – these are the assets of Palacký University Olomouc (UP), confirmed by the international CWTS Leiden Ranking 2016. In the number and percentage of highly cited publications, Olomouc tops the list of Czech universities. In the global competition of 842 universities, UP is ranked, for example, at number 202 in Life and Earth Sciences. In the category of publications based on international collaboration, UP placed at number 60 in Physical Sciences and Engineering.

“The data proves that Palacký University surpassed other Czech universities in highly cited publications, which only confirms the prestige that we have abroad due to our excellent research, especially in the natural sciences. A very positive surprise for me is the outstanding position of Palacký University in international collaboration. I truly appreciate the undoubted fact that Olomouc, along with Prague and Brno, is one of the main centres of science and research in the Czech Republic,” commented UP Rector Jaroslav Miller upon the results.

Superior scientists in Olomouc

Due to high-quality scientific articles in selected prestigious journals, qualified in their respective fields among the proportion of the top 10% or even the top 1% of highly cited articles, Palacký University won out over Masaryk University in Brno, Charles University in Prague, and Czech Technical University in Prague. Other Czech universities were not included in the ranking, since they did not fulfil the criterion of at least one thousand publications in the years 2011–2014.

The most successful scientists in Olomouc are those employed in Life and Earth Sciences. Thanks to their highly cited publications (top 1%) UP reached the 202nd place in the world, surpassing other Czech universities. UP is also the best Czech institution in Physical Sciences and Engineering (no. 481 globally). In these two areas, UP outperformed other Czech universities even in the top 10% of highly cited publications.

“Leiden Ranking offers several comparisons. The positions of universities are based on the selection of individual indicators and parameters including the minimal publication output. Therefore there is not one final order in the ranking as in most other prestigious rankings,” explained Zuzana Polanská from the UP Strategy Support Office.

Proportion of top 1% publications, no minimal publication output
Universities: Palacký University Olomouc, Masaryk University Brno, Charles University Prague, Czech Technical University Prague

Source: CWTS Leiden Ranking

Close collaboration with foreign subjects

The international ranking also focuses on outstanding publications produced in international collaboration between scientists from two or more countries. In this indicator, UP placed first among other Czech universities in Physical Sciences (no. 60 globally) and in Life and Earth Sciences (no. 161). In terms of works produced in international collaboration in all sciences, UP is the second best Czech university after Czech Technical University in Prague; that is, number 107 in the worldwide context.

Proportion of publications within international collaboration, no minimal publication output
Universities: Palacký University Olomouc, Masaryk University Brno, Charles University Prague, Czech Technical University Prague

Source: CWTS Leiden Ranking

Comparison of the position of Czech universities in the world in individual sciences
Proportion of publications within international collaboration (no minimal publication output)
Source: CWTS Leiden Ranking


This international ranking is conducted by the Centre for Science and Technology Studies (CWTS) at Leiden University, the Netherlands, on the basis of the Web of Science database. It ranks universities merely upon the basis of bibliometric data; unlike in other rankings, it does not rely on reputation surveys and the quality of education at institutions. Compared with the 2015 edition, the ranking does not include collaboration between scientists and the industrial sector. That will be included in a special edition of the CWTS Leiden Ranking, to be published in autumn of 2016. The methodology for the year 2016 has been significantly changed. More detailed information is available HERE.

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