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Price List

Price List

Registration Fees

A, B Category (students, academic and non-academic staff)

No fee

C Category (natural persons)

No fee

D Category (juridical persons)

400,- Kč / 1 calendar year

E Category (British Centre users)

400,- Kč / 1 calendar year

F Category (graduates)

No fee


Overdue fee

2,- Kč / document / day

Overdue fee for British Centre

5,- Kč / document / commenced week

Overdue fee for special loan of in-house documents according to the article 21 paragraph 3.1. b) of the Library Rules

2,- Kč / document / day

Fee for lost or destroyed documents according to the article 5 paragraph 17 of the Library Rules

As set in article 19 paragraph 2.4 of the Library Rules

Fee for overdue memo send by post

30,- Kč

Fee for court enforcement of debt payment

Interlibrary loan service

Interlibrary loan in the Czech Republic:

Document loan (A, B categories)

Postage (flat rate 30,- Kč)


Fee set by the providing institution

Photocopies for requesting libraries

2,- Kč / one-sided copy A4  + postage
3,- Kč / two-sided copy A4  + postage
3,- Kč / one-sided copy A3  + postage
4,- Kč / two-sided copy A3  + postage

Interlibrary loan outside the Czech Republic:

Fee set by providing institution

Research services

For A category only

No fee

Printing and copying

A4 format (self-service)

1,20 Kč

A3 format (self-service)

2,40 Kč

A4 format (self-service) - color - one-sided

7,- Kč

A3 format (self-service) - color - one-sided

14,- Kč

A4 format (external provider) - B&W - one-sided

2,50 Kč

- color - one-sided

12,- Kč

A3 format (external provider) - B&W - one-sided

4,- Kč

- color - one-sided

20,- Kč

Network printing

1,20 Kč

Printing from external media - 1 page A4

1,70 Kč

Printing on color printer - 1 page A4

9,- Kč

Other Fees and Services

Fine for the loss of the key to cloak-room locker

50,- Kč

Fine for the loss of the key to notebook locker

100,- Kč

Fine for the unauthorised use of cloak-room locker

50,- Kč / day

Flat rate for bookbinding

160,- Kč

Deposit for photocopy card of C category user (the Central Library)

50,- Kč

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