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Medical Branch Library

Library Collection

The library collection includes books and periodicals for undergraduate, postgraduate and lifelong medical education as well as health sciences and research.

  1. Monographs and textbooks may be traced in the online Palacký University joint catalogue at
    a.  A high-demand, open-stack collection is available for reference reading and may also circulate.
    b.  Other medical and health sciences books are located in separate departmental libraries to support theoretical, pre-clinical and clinical subjects. Library items are offered both for reference reading andborrowing in accordance with the library rules.
  2. The periodicals that are currently subscribed to are arranged alphabetically according to the journal title and may be accessed in the open stack or online. Back issues and bound volumes are stored in the closed stack. A survey of available current and archived titles is part of the national joint catalogue of medical literature, MEDVIK, at
Last update: 18. 02. 2015, Tomas Kopecny