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European Documentation Centre:

The European Documentation Centre was estabilished on the Faculty of Law UP in May 2001. The Purpose of the EDC is to support research, teaching and studying of European integration, wherefore there may be found documents published by the institutions of the EU. Since spring 2007 the EDC has been a part of the PF Library.

On the basis of a statute the EU provides free copies of its periodical and non-periodical publications and documents to the EDC. The library stock is built according to the thematic areas of European integration recommended by the European Information Association. EU publications and documents can be divided into this groups:

·    Legislation

·    Documents about legislative and legal procedures

·    Research reports and studies

·    Statistical summaries

·    Thematically and institutionally oriented periodicals

·    Informative and popularizing documents

·    Documents about the activities of EU


To search for documents from EDC users now have UP catalogue.

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