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Historie budovy Tereziánské zbrojniceHistory od the Theresian Armoury Building
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Central Library

History of the Armoury

Central library of the Palacký University in Olomouc is located in the former artillery armoury, which is on the list of cultural monuments.

It was during rule of Maria Theresa that the construction of a armoury took place. After the War of the Austria Succession and loss of Silesia, Olomouc found itself on the edge of the monarchy and became almost a border town. To protect the borders it was decided to make a military fortress out of Olomouc. Between 1742–1757 Olomouc was reconstructed according to project of brigadier Bechade de Rochepine and succeed the siege by Prussian army in 1758. The artillery armoury was built as a part of the fortress in the years 1768–1769. It is said, that there were forty cannons and weapons for six thousand soldiers stored in the armoury in 1790.

The Armoury is a huge building, occupying a large part of the Bishop´s square. Four wings surrounding a spacious slightly trapezoidal courtyard form of the building. The armoury is a typical example of military architecture and belongs among the most remarkable monuments of Olomouc.

Armoury in 1991
Archaelogical Excavation

Social and political changes after the revolution in 1989 took place and military armoury was transferred to ownership of the Palacký University. The new University establishment decided to create Information centre in the armoury. The main part of this Information centre became the Central library, exactly according to a quotation of John Amos Comenius: Make libraries from armouries.

Between 1995–1996 there was an archaelogical excavation that discovered artefacts for example from Chalcolithic or Slavic period. Besides that the big reconstruction began and Information centre was ceremonially opened in 1999.

The Central library has been opened since 1997 and step by step became a real heart of the University, a cultural centre and meeting place for students.

Central Library
Today's Armoury
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