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Library and Its Branches

History of the Library

Palacký University in Olomouc was founded in 1573 and had it´s own University Library with an extensive collection of books. In 1647, however, most of the books were taken to Sweden as a war trophy. After the Thirty Years´War Olomouc Jesuits built two boarding schools and school building. At that time it was also built a new University Library. In 1860 the university was shut down and its library became independent under the name of Academic Library. After 1946, when the University in Olomouc was again resumed under the name of Palacký University, the original Library stayed independent and became the basis for ongoing Reasearch Library. Until 1989 the Palacky University hadn´t The Central Library, at University were only a small faculty and departmental libraries.

In 1991 at Palacky University in Olomouc was founded a new workplace - Information center UP and one of its components became Library UP. Library UP was originally composed only of information centers at University faculties. After 1997, when the Central Library was built in historic Theresian armory, part of the library collections of the faculties, especially from the Faculty of Arts and Faculty of Education, were moved to Central Library.

Former faculty libraries joined their forces to develop an integrated library network of the university to standardize the rules for processing and displaying documents in the union catalog.

According to the Library Regulations of the Library: "Library's mission is to contribute the fulfillment of the basic tasks of the Palacky University, in particular to develop its educational, scientific and research functions, namely collecting, processing, storing and making available library documents, as well as providing library and information services to members of the academic community of UP and other users”.

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