Palacký University

Training center of the Computer Center


Guarantors and lecturers

Contact person:
Bc. Michaela Sehrigová

Computer Center Employees and network administrators

Training center offers courses for the university employees (current terms) and also offers a lecture room to rent.

Please, sign up for new course dates at (Czech only) in Aktuálně otevřené programy/kurzy (Current courses and programs). These courses are designated only for UP employees.  


Staff training

Staff training takes place continually throughout the year in the Computer Center lecture room (Biskupské náměstí 1 - Zbrojnice). For detailed information, please, contact the guarantor of the courses. 

Types of courses:

  • MS Word – basic introduction to MS Word CZ in MS Windows
  • MS Word – advanced – tables, styles and other abilities of MS Word
  • MS Excel – basic introduction to spreadsheet MS Excel CZ in MS Windows
  • MS Excel – advanced abilities of MS Excel, pivot tables, databases, etc.
  • MS PowerPoint – basic introduction to MS PowerPoint, making of presentations
  • STAG - dept - STAG – user role DEPARTMENT
  • STAG - sched - STAG - user role SCHEDULE-MAKER
  • MS Word - texts – edit of someone else’s texts (for secretaries)
  • STAG-portal - STAG-portal solutions
  • SAP – for beginners
  • SAP – for advanced users

Course terms and conditions

Courses usually take place from 8.30 to 11.30 in the Computer Center lecture room (Biskupske namesti 1 – Zbrojnice). Each applicant needs to be registered, singing up to a course is therefore mandatory. Furthermore, the mandatory sign up is necessary due to limited space in the lecture rooms. We want each applicant to work on separate computer. Should there be large number of applicants interested in a course, we could arrange individual course terms or even individual focus on certain subject, if it would be within our capability.  


Lecture room to rent

Computer Center UP offers a lecture room equipped with 16 computers in the center of Olomouc to rent (Biskupské náměstí 1 – Zbrojnice). Projector can be added to the equipment of the room.


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