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FAQ regarding ID cards


Deposit for the ID card – new UP students; collecting the card upon entering university

  • What will happen once I get a new card?

    Your old card will be blocked once a new card is printed. New card will be activated on the following day. Remaining credits for canteen or Xeroxes will be transferred to your new card as well as list of lend books from library. Your passwords and building entrance rights are transferred as well. 
    Senior year students who have paid for a revalidation stamp and had it stuck on back of their ISIC card will not have to pay for a new validation. Validity of their new card is printed on the front of their new card. Students who have not paid for a revalidation stamp but want to get a new valid ISIC card must pay for the revalidation on-line before coming to the ID cards office, or they can pay in cash there. 

    • Canteen
      Your money will be transferred as well as your password. If you have ordered a meal on the same day as your card is printed you must pick up a meal ticket at a cashier’s desk in the main canteen. Next day’s order will be transferred to your new card. New orders using your new card are available before noon the day after printing of the card.
      FoM or FoHS students who eat at the University Hospital canteen must report change of their card in UH office next to the canteen. New chip number will be then uploaded into their systems. You do not have to pick up a meal ticket, meals ordered on the day of card’s print are available. 
    • Library
      Book loans are transferred. However, you will receive a new user ID number for university libraries (e.g. C000012345). User ID number is used by students who order books they want to lend on-line. You will receive your new number from the library employees at desk B or at ID card office when receiving the card. You must inform the employees of Olomouc Research Library about change of your ID card and let them update your new card number into their system. 
    • Xerox
      Your credit and login will be transferred. If you experience issues with the credit transfer, go to computer network administrator in the ground floor in Zbrojnice (next to the computer room) or to desk B in the library. This service is available also at Theoretical institutes library.
      Foreign students with changed pseudo-birth code in STAG and a new card printed will have the same password as with their old card. 
    • DPMO
      Your new ISIC card will have a new licence number in case of loss/theft (under photography). If a student has bought a monthly/quarterly season ticket, he/she must inform DPMO employees about the licence number change in order to have it correct for possible revision control ticketing in public transport. 

  • I did not enter the variable symbol while paying the deposit. What should I do?

    If you have not paid on-line and you forgot to enter the variable symbol or you have lost the proof of payment, your card will not be ready for distribution. You must fill out the information needed by e-mail or you must come to ID card office in person in order to search for your payment (in case of lost proof of payment). Bring the number of bank account from which you sent the payment along with a date of payment. In case you lost the payment slip, find the specific number of your post office, from where you sent your payment along with at least an approximate date of payment.

  • I am a foreign student of the follow-up studies and I have a newly generated pseudo-birth code in the Online Application Form. Do I have to get a new ISIC card?

    Foreign students must keep their original pseudo-birth code from their previous studies. If you have generated a new pseudo-birth code, go to Helpdesk in Portal or contact us via e-mail in order to get the pseudo-birth code fixed to the original one. Then there is no need for getting a new ISIC, you just need to get a revalidation stamp. If you have a room reserved at dormitories with the new pseudo-birth code, you must inform the Accommodation and dining department regarding the change of the birth code.

  • How can I pay the deposit for the ID card as a foreign student (e.g. Erasmus, Ceepus, agreements, etc.)?

    We highly recommend to pay the 200 CZK by cash at the main cashier’s office at Křížkovského 8, left tract of the Rector’s office building. You should then bring your Application form of identification card, photography and proof of payment to ID card offices (Zbrojnice building, Biskupské náměstí 1, 2nd floor – ISIC signs), or to you study officer or foreign study stay coordinator. 
    Foreign student who have not filled out the Online Application Form do not have a generated variable symbol. If you are going to pay by postal order – the variable symbol is 99968061.

  • I lost my ID card / My card was stolen, what should I do?

    You must inform Computer center in person or by e-mail. You card will be blocked within 24 hours. Then you must go to the main cashier’s office at Rectorate building in order to pay for the new card. Bring the proof of payment to Computer Center to ID card office (Biskupské náměstí 1, Zbrojnice, 2nd floor – ISIC signs). You card will be made on the spot and it will be active the next day.  
    Further, the end of validity of the new card is printed on the front of the card. If you are not prolonging your ISIC by a validation stamp and you are a full-time student, you can ask for a standard UP card. However, you will lose the ISIC card advantages.

  • I changed my surname when I send application to the first year of study. What should I do?

    You just fill-in the new surname to the application for a ID card or you can inform us via e-mail. We will print the card when the study officer fixes the surname in STAG so you do not have to pay for issuing of a second card afterwards. This way you must pay only the deposit.

  • Do I have to return the card after I finish my studies? 

    You should return the card as stated in the Contract to borrow an identification card, i.e. 30 days at the latest after you finish your studies. If you do not do so, you will lose your deposit. You should return the card to the ID card Office.
    If a student does not return the card, he/she can use the ISIC until the end of the calendar year outside Palacký University. If you cannot return the card in person, you can authorize any person acting on your behalf (using the appropriate form) to return the card and receiving the deposit back.
    You can return the card by sending in back through the post package with a written request regarding sending the deposit back to your bank account. However, this is not a standard procedure and it is accepted only if a student is abroad or he/she ended his/her studies for health reasons. The reason for sending back the deposit to your account must be part of your request.

  • Returning the deposit after the end of studies 

    According to the Contract to borrow an identification card can student return the card 30 day after finishing his/her studies at the latest. If the student does not do so, he/she will lose the deposit. An employee must return the card 3 days after his/her contract is terminated. 
    Notice: Student or employee must return the card in person. Otherwise it is necessary to authorize a person acting on his/her behalf (using the appropriate form). The deposit can be send back to a bank account in exceptional cases. 

  • Do I have to send a request for a new card if I have one from my previous studies at Palacký University?

    Student who enters the first year studies again within one or more faculties at PU does not have to send a request for a new card if he/she does not change a form of study (full-time to distance and vice versa). Student transferring from FoM or FoHS to another faculty or vice versa must request a new ISIC card as his/her card serves as an ID tag for the University Hospital. 
    Every student can find his or her variable symbol to pay the revalidation stamp since August. The symbol contains field of study code from STAG. The payment is not compulsory. You can pick your revalidation stamp according to the instructions at Portal.

  • ISIC card change in the first year of follow-up study

    Students with finished bachelor degree studies continuing in the master’s degree study program do not have to pay again 200 CZK for new ID card. They can keep their current card and prolong its validity with a validation stamp. However, if the card is damaged in any way, you should go to ID card office with the card and a proof of payment in order to receive a new card. Mass card printing is not available to students who are already in possession of one ID card. In that case, new cards will be printed when the students visit the ID card office personally.

  • I will enrol to studies today, when can I get my student card? 

    Student is not registered in our system on the day he/she is enrolled. You card will be ready for print in three days from the enrolment as your personal information must pass multiple system checks. Cards are printed at the same time as Contact to borrow. Only after that you can pick up your card. 
    If the enrolment is later than at a standard period and you arrive to pick your card up later, be aware that the day of the print the card is not active yet. It is activated the next day.

  • I paid for my revalidation stamp on-line today. When can I pick it up? 

    If you paid the revalidation online through Portal, you can pick the stamp five minutes after the payment. Your payment will be paired with your Portal account in a few days, so do not worry if you have already paid the stamp and the status is “UNPAID”. Once the payment is paired, you will the payment as “PAID”. 

  • Can I use ISIC in other libraries in Olomouc? 

    You can use the ISIC as an ID card in Research library in Olomouc (both employees and studnets). However, you still must pay the for registration to library. 
    This is a major advantage as you have one ID card for university libraries and for the Research library. 

  • When do I have to change my student card to an employee card when I’ll become an employee of the university? 

    The exchange should take place immediately after the end of your studies. Laboratory and building access must be set in cooperation with a head of department or his/her assistant as your entrance profile changes from student to employee. 
    You canteen account changes from student to free account and you will first use up money from your student account and then you lunches will be paid from your income.

  • Can I use ISIC in order to get a student discount for fare in DPMO?

    Yes, ISIC is a you student card and it is used to give you discount for fare. 




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