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Deposit and card distribution


Deposit payment for student card

First, it is necessary to pay a deposit 200 CZK before the distribution of identification card.

Applicant admitted to studies will receive a form which has to be filled-out before card is manufactured: “Unified identification system UIS PU - Application Form Of Identification Card User“. Applicant must fill out the form including whether he/she will pay the deposit on-line or otherwise, attach his/her photography and send it to his/her study department according to the information attached.

Furthermore, you must get your variable symbol before paying the deposit. You will find it after you have been admitted to university at (Online Application Form of Palacký University) in application overview. There are information regarding payment of the deposit including bank account number and a unique variable symbol.

How to pay the deposit for the ID card: 

  1. On-line payment
    You can pay the deposit by the payment gate at Portal using you bank card. We highly prefer this form of payment. Click the “Pay deposit on-line” button available after login to Online Application Form (
  2. Payment by bank transfer/postal order (type A)
    If a student cannot pay the deposit on-line, he/she can pay it by bank transfer or postal order to: bank account number/bank code 19-1096330227/0100, address Univerzita Palackého v Olomouci, Křížkovského 8, 771 11 Olomouc. You must include your unique variable symbol from the Online application form. You must pay the deposit at the same time as you send the Application form of identification card user.
    Furthermore, you must include a proof of payment into the envelope:
    If you paid by bank transfer, include your statement of account. Please, note that the collection box is not taken as proof of payment.
    If you paid by postal order attach an original payment slip. Please, make a copy for yourself in case the payment would have to be found manually.
  3. Payment in cash at the main cash office
    Students, who haven’t send their application form using Online Application Form or for some reason have not paid the deposit by any of the aforementioned ways, must pay the deposit at the main cash office (Rectorate building, Křížkovského 8) before he/she comes to pick up his/her card. You must bring the cashier receipt to Computer Center’s ID card office (Zbrojnice building, Biskupské náměstí 1, room 3.87) or to a temporary worker during mass dispensing of cards, which is meant for incoming students one week before beginning of the academic year and two weeks after the beginning of the academic year in the Zbrojnice building.
    Main cash office (Rectorate building) office hours: Mo – Fr: 9.00 – 12.00, 13.00 – 14.30
    The deposit of applicants who will not be starting their studies will be condemn (article 2, § 5 or rector’s order PU, no. B3-09/1-PR).

Card distribution to the first year students

Time and place of the distribution is usually published in September in Portal of Palacký University.

First year students will pick their card up approximately 10 days after registration to the winter semester at the university, at earliest in September one week before the beginning of the academic year, or during the first few weeks of the winter semester. Further card distribution takes place in the stairway area on the third floor of the Zbrojnice building – this avoids the prolonged waiting period when signing the Contract to borrow an identification card.

First year students will receive their cards after they pay the deposit for the card.

PLACES TO CREATE AN ACCOUNT – insert credits into the card for canteen and Xerox

New students must go to main cash office in Canteen (cashier office at tř. 17. listopadu 54) to create an account there. You can pay in cash at the main canteen, Holice canteen or Neředín buffet to get credits for the meals. You will pay for your meals using the credits.

Students must also insert credits at Central Library (Zbrojnice building, desk B, 1st floor), at computer network administrator office (ground floor Zbrojnice, or FoS) or at information centres of CMFoT, FoPC, FoA in order to copy and print at Xeroxes at the library.

WITHDRAWAL of remaining credits upon the end of studies/graduation

If a student ends his/her studies and wants to withdraw the rest of the money left on his/her card, he/she should do so until the card is valid. Students can withdraw the rest of their credits at computer administrator office in Zbrojnice or at Central Library, desk B in the first floor after showing the card.

Credit for canteen can be withdrawn even after you return your card (at ID card office) at cash office in the main canteen after you prove your identity (ID card). In exceptional cases the money can be transferred to your bank account after consultation with the cashier.

ID card office at Computer Center does not have access to your credit balance.

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