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Identification cards



Identification cards (ISIC and UP card) for first year students will be issued in the former Armoury building (Biskupské náměstí 1), 2nd floor, ID Card Office (door no. 3.87) during office hours.

Each student can find for himself/herself whether his/her card has been already printed or not in order not to waste his/her time waiting to get a card. This information can be found at Portal UP ( in Contacts section – Upol Hledání student (student search) – enter your name and surname – if there is a specified date of Date of card issuing then your card was already printed.

There can be a few reasons why your card has not been printed yet. Either, the ID card application form with a photography attached is not present at the ID card office, the card deposit has not been paid properly or a wrong variable symbol was used etc. In this case, please, contact Identification Card office (through Helpdesk or in person). In such case, contact the ID card office electronically or in person, give us the variable symbol used to pay the card and the date of payment. If a wrong variable symbol was used, our department will give a request for change of variable symbol at the accounting office, then your card will be printed.


Price for revalidation stamp is 250 CZK from this academic year.

It will be valid from 09/2016 to 12/2017. Students interested in prolonging of their international ISIC card validity can pay for the validation using the payment gateway in Portal. Log in to Portal, go to “My studies” section and then go to “Student fees and claims” option and press the “Pay online” button. This way you will pay the fee using your bank card (therefore you do not have to bring a payment receipt using this payment method). Furthermore, you can pay the fee via bank transfer or postal order. However, if you use one of these methods, when collecting the stamp, you must bring a payment receipt with a correct variable symbol (in case the payment was not matched with your ID and payment status is: Unpaid).

Revalidation stamps for the new academic year will be issued during first three weeks in October, i.e. from 3. 10. 2016 to 21. 10. 2016 during working days at reception at the former Armoury Building. 

  • Mo + Tue + Thu :  7:30 - 15:30   
  • We : 7:30 - 17:00
  • Fri : 7:30 - 14:00
    Lunch break : 12:00 - 12:30

Identification cards are managed, updated, developed and made at Palacký University Computer Center ID card office. ID card office also manages databases necessary for user applications including access systems at PU.

Students of full-time study program use ISIC cards with international validity. Students of combined, distance, lifelong form of studies, and employees receive standard blue identification cards with Palacký University logo. Both types have an integrated electronic chip and can be therefore used within or even outside the premises of UP. However, standard blue ID cards differ in the types of services used. 

Furthermore, all cards have been redesigned during academic year 2015/2016 according to the new unified visual style of Palacký University. 

ID card services

Within Palacký University: 

  • Eat at student’s canteen
  • Borrow books in libraries
  • Copy and print
  • Access buildings or lecture rooms
  • Access the internet on computers in Zbrojnice and at faculties. 

Outside Palacký University: 

  • Processing of DPMO card
  • ID card to Research Library in Olomouc  

ID card Offices

ID card offices are located in 2nd floor of information center building in Computer Center.

Office hours: 


9.00 - 11.30

13.00 - 14.00


9.00 - 11.30



9.00 - 11.30

13.00 - 14.00


9.00 - 11.30

13.00 - 14.00


9.00 - 11.30



ID Card Office:

  • Alena Vymětalová
    +420 58 563 1840
  • Mgr. Jana Jonášová
    +420 58 563 1832

Head of the Operations Department: 

Application forms: 

Other documents:

ID card types and their use

  • ISIC
    ISIC card is the only proof of student status recognized worldwide. Every full-time studies student will receive this ID card upon commencement of studies. The card is valid for 16 months and has to be revalidated later on. ISIC card enables students access to all the UP apps, serves as a proof of student status outside UP, gives students opportunity for exclusive discounts and advantages (in shops, restaurants, education, entrance fees, travelling, accommodation, bank allowances, etc.).
    ISIC card for students of Faculty of Medicine and Faculty of Health Sciences will differ by a stripe on a back side of the card. Further, the back side will serve as a name tag at University Hospital Olomouc. 
    Students can prolong the validity of their ISIC card by purchasing a revalidation stamp. Revalidation is not compulsory. 
    If you do not prolong your ISIC card validity the card will be discarded from active ID card system and it will become useless outside UP where it remains valid.
    Find out where can you use your ISIC card outside PU at
  • Standard blue ID card
    This card is meant for students of other than full-time study programs. It is valid only at PU. Furthermore, different types of this card exist and they are distinguished by a stripe on their right-side with a description written within the stripe (such information was available under the photography on the older cards). Validity of this card does not have to be renewed. Further, standard blue card was redesigned according to unified visual style of Palacký University in academic year 2015/2016. Older and newer cards both remain valid. Electronic validity of is activated automatically upon enrollment to the next year of studies. The card remains valid throughout the whole period of studies.
  • Employee ID card
    Employees can use their ID card for catering, building entrances and for borrowing books. If you have received your card before 2007 and you have paid the deposit, you will get it back when you return your card. The deposit payment fee is not required since 2007. Furthermore, ID card are redesigned according to new visual style with a stripe including a description of their position within PU (employee, teacher, senior) on their right side.
    Employees can use their cards as an ID card at Olomouc Research Library.
  • Alumni card
    You can receive the Alumni card for free when you enter the Alumni club. You can get free access to PU libraries, discounts for language courses, sport events supported by university or services outside PU. More information at
  • Library ID card
    This card is used for the needs of libraries and its meant for legal people outside PU. It is distributed in Central Library in Zbrojnice.

Following card types include only a pictogram, not a photograph:

  • Canteen ID card
    This card is used for the needs of UP canteens and it is distributed by Accommodation and dining office.
  • ID Card for short-term visitors
    This card is used by short-term visitors visiting for a period of time shorter than three months. It is distributed at the ID Card Office upon receiving a request through the system from a faculty employee responsible.
  • Xerox card
    This card is used for needs of library employees.
  • Parking card of PU
    This card is used for parking within premises of University Hospital of Olomouc. 


Payments related to student cards  

  • LOSS 200 CZK
  • DAMAGE 200 CZK
  • THEFT 200 CZK
  • CHANGE of surname 145 CZK
  • CHANGE of title 145 CZK
  • CHANGE of photography 145 CZK  

ISIC - Revalidation international card  

  • Revalidation stamp 250 CZK  

Alumni cards  

  • Card production 0 CZK
  • LOSS / THEFT of the card (only after filling in a request for a duplicate of the card) 250 CZK



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