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I want to log in to Portal, but I don't know my login. Where can I find it?

Students can find their login (Portal ID) in Contacts tab in portal or in Contract to borrow an Identification Card which is signed by every student when receiving the ID card at Computer Center.
If you cannot find your name in Contacts or you do not have a printed Contract to borrow ID card for students with you, please, use our Helpdesk at or call the extension 1842.
Employees should receive their (Portal ID) from their computer network administrator, or at extension 1842 - Mrs. Čeplová. Furthermore, your user name is also printed on Contract to borrow an Identification Card.

I am going to sign up to portal for the first time, what password should I use?

If you are signing up for the first time, your password is your birth code without slash. Once you’ve signed in, portal will ask you to change your password, which should be at least eight characters long and should include at least one letter and one number.

I want to change my portal password. What should I do?

Sign in to portal and click the Edit my profile link in upper right corner. Fill in your current password, new password and confirm the change. Your new password should be at least eight characters long and must contain at least one number and one letter. Another change of password is possible after six minutes.

I forgot my portal and e-mail password. What should I do?

We have to reset your all your passwords to the initial password.
Please use our Helpdesk at (anonymous request – category – "Forgotten password". Further, you can contact Computer Center UP employee at +420 585 631 842 and ask for a password reset during office hours. Also, you can contact your faculty computer network administrator.

I can't log in to my e-mail. I am sure I’ve entered all the details correctly.

If you cannot login to your e-mail account for a longer period of time, sign in to portal, change your e-mail password and try to login again using new password.

How can I log in to my university e-mail?

Sign in to Portal, click the E-mail tab and then enter the webmail. Your login details are the same as for portal in form

I would like to connect to UP Wifi Network? How can I do that?

You can find all the necessary manuals in university Wikipedia (
Otherwise, please contact your faculty network administrator

What’s the difference betweem eduroam, eduroama and eduroamg?

Eduroam uses two frequencies which enable more users to connect to the internet. 

  • Eduroam – frequency 2,4 GHz and 5GHz
  • Eduroama – frequency 5 GHz
  • Eduroamg – frequence 2.4GHz

Connection setup for eduroama and eduroamg is the same as for traditional eduroam. Connect to the 5GHz eduroama if available.


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