Sports programmes

General information

Where do you can buy a sports card?

During semester You can purchase sport card in Akademik Fitness in building of Sports hall UP.


Academic Sport Centre of UP offers about 40 different kinds of sports activities. Instruction is carried out by three permanent Palacký University employees and about 70 external instructors. The team organizes and supports both regular and irregular sports activities.

Our main aim is to provide students and university staff with a wide offer of attractive sports activities at unbeatable low prices. All sports activities are supervised by professional instructors.

Our selection of sport activities follows new trends with respect of basic health benefits on modern lifestyle.

To be able to participace in the sport programmes you need to register: purchase a registration card (20 CZK) and a sports card tailor-made for the programme of your choice.









What do you need to purchase a sports programme

  1. One passport size photo (can be a good copy - B&W) - if you do not have a registration card yet
  2. Student ID card (ISIC) or Palacký University employee card
  3. The fee of CZK 20 for a registration card (the registration card is valid for the entire period of study).
  4. The fee for the programme is in the range 440 up to 7.890 CZK (in case you buy all programmes).


Academic Sport Centre offers two types of sports programmes:

Basic programme

A sports package for one price. With this card you can attend sports activities any hour, any day you want. We offer a wide range of activities for this semester, different kinds of sports, dance and physical activities. You should choose your preferred sport when purchasing a sports card.  We try to ensure the capacity of a sport always exceeds the demand of your preferred sport. This guarantees you can have your weekly exercise with 100 % certainty. Your participation depends on when you find your own free time.



Special programme



The offer consists of sports that are calculated separately due to higher costs. When you purchase the programme, you have access only to one specific exercise/activity during the week. If you decide to buy this special sports programme during the semester, we will reduce the price accordingly, so that you pay only for the number of hours that you exercise. We count the season passes until the end of the semester, more complex calculation is not possible.

This sports group also includes indoor cycling, archery, fitness and sauna. Please consult their individual websites for schedules.

General public (including alumni who are not students or employees) have 10 % extra charge on ASC programmes. Palacký University students and staff have always priority.

Indoor cycling



Explanation of shortcuts in the schedule of sport programmes

SH 1-3                 Sport hall UP - main court

SH 4                     Sport hall UP - small court

Václ.                    Dormitory B. Václavka  - tř. 17. listopadu

Neř.                      Neředín - gym of Faculty of Physical Culture

T1                         Gym Hynaisova

T2                        Gym Hynaisova

IN-LINE                 building of docks behind SH

Horse riding          Horse riding - western style - Zuzana Talášková

Climbing                ZŠ Heyrovského use Tram No. 1 or 4 or 6 to "Nová ulice" - leave at the station "Fakultní nemocnice" and

                              use underpass to ride in look of tram driver

 Swimming - hall beside plane, near Billa supermarket in centrum

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