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Palacký University

Jiří Přidal

Ing. Jiří Přidal (born 1964) studied Systems Engineering at the Faculty of Economics of Technical University of Ostrava.

After graduation, he joined the DG SIGMA concern Olomouc as an independent technical expert, where he was jointly responsible for building automation control systems. In AQUACOOP he was a senior technical expert in the section of the development of technical management and automation. He then joined the Olomouc District Office as a member of the District Privatization Commission (evaluation of privatization projects and organization of auctions). In Hanácké Pekárny a Cukrárny, he worked as a programmer-analyst, implementing and expanding the business management software. Since 1992, his career has been linked with the Faculty of Medicine, Palacky University, which he joined as an economist.

From 1995 to January 2014 he served as Secretary, in charge of the finances and management of the Faculty. Recently he has participated in two major projects: the completion of the Theoretical Institutes of the Faculty of Medicine and the construction of the new building BIOMEDREG - Institute of Molecular and Translational Medicine. Complementing the original building of the Theoretical Institutes, both projects were funded from the Operational Programme Research and Development for Innovation with CZK 2 billion. Jiří thus participated in the largest investment to date in the history of the Faculty of Medicine.

For Jiří, the new position of Bursar of Palacky University in Olomouc is an expansion and follow-up of his work for the Faculty of Medicine, now spanning the university as a whole. As the Bursar he will utilise his professional experience and know-how concerning economic management, helping to develop and modernize the entire university.

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