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Palacký University

Practical information for mobile students

Getting to Olomouc and to Palacký University

Olomouc is easily accessible by train from Prague (about 3 hours, trains run almost every hour), from Vienna (3-4 hours, but not very frequent). For travel information please check the electronic timetable via the Internet: or   (both pages are available in an English version)

After arrival in Olomouc, students should report to the hall of residence. Almost all halls of residence are located in two main areas called ENVELOPA and NEŘEDÍN. To get to the Envelopa campus from the train station, students should take tram no. 2, 4 or 6 (towards the centre) and get off on the second stop. The halls of residence are situated about 3-min walk along 17. listopadu street. Individual halls of residence are clearly marked. To get to the Neředín campus, where most of international students are accommodated, students should take tram no.2 or 7 and get off on the terminus.

Transportation in Olomouc

Olomouc has quite a good transportation network. Trams and buses more or less follow the schedules (displayed at the stops or available in the "Dopravní podnik" office at Národních Hrdinů square). The fare is 14 Kč, tickets are available at newsagent's, news-stands and some shops. You can buy a ticket from the driver on the bus or tram, but it will be more expensive (20 Kč). The tickets are valid for 40 minutes after stamping in a machine next to the door in the bus or tram and you can change the tram or bus within the time limit.

Or you can get a monthly or quarterly pass, valid both for trams and buses. To obtain the pass, you need a passport size photo and a written proof of student status issued by the International Liaison Office (to get a substantial discount). Passes are purchased in the "Dopravní podnik" office. A monthly pass is 350 Kč (175 Kč for students), a quarterly is 900 Kč (450 Kč for students). These numbers are subject to change. Should you be found on a tram or bus without a valid ticket, you will be fined 700 Kč (immediate payment) or 1 000 Kč (later payment). Be aware that inspections are quite frequent.

Orientation Programme

Orientation week programme is organised by the International Relations Office in cooperation with Erasmus Student Network (ESN UP) and introduces students to various services and system operation at Palacký University.

It is always preceeding the official beginning of classes in each semester. The orientation week starts with a welcome meeting, each participant will receive information materials including a printed programme of the week. Students are encouraged to take part in a sightseeing tour of the town and the town hall,  lectures on Czech history and culture, an information session with a police officer, meetings with Czech students (ESN UP) and  departmental coordinators, welcome parties, a trip and a course of Survival Czech for real beginners.

There are also practical information sessions to instruct incoming students how academic issues at Palacký University are organized, what documents to fill out and use, who the university coordinators are and where to find them, how to get a university ID, a pass for public transportation etc. Information on a Czech as a Foreign Language course is provided as well.

The ORIENTATION WEEK REGISTRATION FORM is available in the section Documents

Further details may be obtained from:

See also: Information for incoming Erasmus+ students 

Video: Erasmus+ & Exchange Orientation Week at Palacký University Olomouc



220 Volts, 50 Hz. Adapters for American or British-style plugs (AC) are necessary if you plan to bring along an electric razor, curlers, etc.



The Czech monetary unit is the Koruna (Kč, crown), divided into 100 Hellers, coins in denominations of hellers are no more used. The exchange rate (a highly variable entity) is about 20 per $1.00, and 27 per Euro. You can convert your funds at any entry point, bank, hotel or most travel agencies. Banknotes are issued in denominations of 5 000, 2 000, 1 000, 500, 200, 100, 50 Kč; coins in denominations of 50, 20, 10, 5, 2, 1 Kč.


Money, banks, credit cards

When you need to change money, it is better to go to one of the major banks, which generally charge low commissions; the „Exchange“ outlets around the city tend to charge no commissions, but may use different exchange rates. Never change money on the street!

If you stay in Olomouc for a longer period of time, it is advisable to deposit your money in a bank, where it will be safe and insured against loss. Do not carry large sums of money around with you. Charges for different services vary, you should ask for information at each bank if you want to compare services and charges before opening an account. If you have questions, there will be an official at the bank who can help you. If nobody is able to speak English, perhaps it would be best to try a different bank.

The biggest and most professional banks are:

Major credit cards, such as American Express, VISA, MasterCard as well as Eurocheques are accepted at major hotels, banks and most restaurants and shops.


Main holidays

  • January 1 - New Year's Day, all offices and stores are closed.
  • Easter - On Monday boys are lashing girls with a birch or dousing them with water or perfumes and are given decorated eggs. Offices and stores are closed.
  • May 1 - Labour Day, observed in honour of working men and women, offices and stores are closed.
  • May 8 - Liberation Day, anniversary of the end of  WW II, offices and stores are closed.
  • July 5 - Observed in honour of Slavonic apostles Cyril and Methodius, banks and stores  are closed.
  • July 6 - Observed in honour of Jan Hus, the Czech religious reformer burned to death (1415), offices and stores are closed.
  • September  28 – Czech Statehood Day, observed in honour of St. Wenceslas, Czech prince from the 10th century, offices and stores are closed.
  • October 28 - Proclamation of the Czechoslovak Republic, offices and stores  are closed.
  • November 17 - Struggle for Freedom and Democracy Day, observed in honour of the “Velvet Revolution” in 1989 , offices and stores are closed.
  • December 24 - 26 - Christmas, gifts are given on Dec. 24 in the evening, the following two days are spent feasting and visiting friends and relatives.



The number of stores and the choice of goods is now by far much better than a few years ago, so you can get almost everything you are accustomed to from your home country, although maybe not under the same name and not that wide choice. The best supplied stores are located at the Upper and Lower Squares and in the streets running off the Upper Square.

There are three large shopping centres:

  • Olomouc City and Globus (Pražská) – within a walking distance to Neředín dormitory
  • OC - Haná (Kafkova)
  • Olympia Olomouc (Velký Týnec)

There is an open-air market at Aksamitova street. You can buy fresh fruit and vegetables here, as well as many other low price (and equally low quality) goods from mostly Asian sellers. It is not a good idea to buy electric appliances, watches or shoes here, but if you are looking for a cheap T-shirt, jeans or jacket, it is worth trying. The place has its own specific atmosphere, so if you like flea markets and bazaars, do not miss this „tržnice“.

Many stores are not self-service, you have to ask for everything over the counter. In self-service stores you must take a cart or basket at the front of the store. You can find several big supermarkets with a large variety of goods and usually cheaper prices.


Religious practice

Roman Catholic church

  • St.Wenceslas Cathedral (katedrála Sv.Václava), Václavské nám.
  • St. Maurice Cathedral (katedrála Sv. Mořice), ul. 8. května
  • St. Michael Church (Michalský kostel), Žerotínovo nám.
  • Virgin Mary in the Snow Cathedral (kostel P. Marie Sněžné), nám. Republiky

Evangelic church

  • Czech Baptist Union Church - services translated into English - Hotel Clarion, opposite the main railway station, Sundays 9.30 a.m. 
  • Olomouc International Fellowship - ecumenical Sunday evening services in English held monthly
  • Evangelic Church of the Moravian Brethren (kostel Evangelické církve Českobratrské), Husova ul.
  • Bible studies in English (every Friday evening near Neředín) - 
  • Baptist Assembly - services in English, Pavelčákova 13, Sundays 11.00 a.m., Bible study: Wednesdays 6.00 p.m., 

Orthodox church

  • St. Gorazd Church (kostel Sv. Gorazda), Gorazdovo nám.
  • Jewish community - contact phone: +420 585 223 119

Personal Safety

It's obvious that during the first days all foreign students are most attracted by the new enviroment, people, cultural and language differences and they often don´t pay enough attention to their personal things. They can easily lose their documents, money, other valuables or have them stolen. Please, keep this in mind and wherever you go, be careful.

Also, when travelling keep all money and jewelry, passport and other valuables on your person until you are settled. There have been thefts at the airport and mainly on the train, so please be specially careful there. Information booths are available at most airport and train stations arrival areas. In case your ID documents or valuables were stolen, immediately contact the police.


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