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Palacký University

ECTS credit system

General Principles of Study within the Credit System at Palacký University

  • The credit system is based on credits which are used to quantify the student’s load for a given course. A student’s quantitative load is based on study outcomes and the student’s study load, which is calculated as the product of all the time related to study activities (in particular lectures, seminars, practical classes, examinations, researching study materials, note taking, team work, and self-study) and the level of difficulty of acquired skills and knowledge.
  • The guarantor, or the department guaranteeing the course, shall have the primary responsibility for assigning credits to individual courses.
  • No credits shall be assigned to the State Final Examination and defenses of the Master’s and Bachelor’s diploma theses or the dissertation.
  • The numbers of credits is assigned on the basis of the student’s quantitative load (25-30 hours of student’s work shall correspond to 1 credit) and qualitative study outcomes which are defined by the scope and difficulty of the acquired knowledge and skills.
  • As a rule, 60 credits correspond to one academic year, which is the same number as under ECTS.
  • Credits are acquired for courses implemented within a program of study upon their completion in the prescribed way.
  • With the exception of the first semester of study, unless the study plan stipulates a different time period, students have a certain leeway as to the course of their study as they may, during course registration, create their personal study plans consisting of obligatory, elective, and optional subjects, while observing stipulated limitations in the form of possible prerequisite and preclusive courses.

Guidelines: Organization of Study in the Credit System at Palacký University in Olomouc + AMENDMENT No. 1

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